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  1. Corwin
    Corwin at |

    Which reminds me I need to finish posting my final volume of the previous ongoing…

    Nice work! I don’t I’m a hardcore enough fan to do that!

  2. Brian
    Brian at |

    Hey there.
    Couple of questions. First; who published this warrior #1. What is the wolverine 2004. What is the marvel 2001 and what is the bullpen bits #55. Also, could I see a pic or scan of these?

  3. brycie
    brycie at |

    This is awesome, thanks!
    For those of us that don’t want to cut up our New Mutants #98 (lol) or Circle Chase, or whatever, are there any easy substitutes that could go in for the more “valuable” books? Thanks!

  4. Corwin
    Corwin at |

    I used the X-Force Megazine. It collects New Mutants #98-100…Wolverine Origins #25 also has a reprint of New Mutants #98.


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