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  1. Corwin
    Corwin at |

    Would Adventure Comics fit in anywhere here? (Someone actually asked me about this not too long ago…)

  2. Xylob
    Xylob at |

    what about Superman’s appearances in the Justice League and other books during this period?

  3. Xylob the Destroyer
    Xylob the Destroyer at |

    Interesting perspective.
    To each their own.
    I find you placement of the Adventure Comics Guardian Special three comics after Jimmy Olsen intriguing as it clearly states within the book that it occurs during the Jimmy Olsen book, going so far as to actually provide specific page numbers to put it between.
    You’ve addressed various other items here, but no mention of that… It seems a bit odd.
    I appreciate your time and efforts on providing such a detailed listing with excellent comments addressing the editorial idiocy of DC regarding the continuity (is that a bad word here?) of the books that they labeled with what one should reasonably think is a numbered reading order. You are quite correct, reading them in the order listed on the covers by DC is just no good.
    Being the stubborn fool that I am, I will use your awesome list here as a stucture for my own attempts to shoe-horn JLA appearances, Final Crisis, Death of the New Gods, & Blackest Night in.
    If I can figure out how to, I may post my own reading order here.
    Again, thanks for your list!

  4. Derek Cleveland
    Derek Cleveland at |

    I have a question about the Last Son run. Is there an issue missing? There is one panel that shows batman, green lantern, super girl and power girl captured by zod. Was there a justice League or batman issue to explain this? It seems like it would fit well between Clarks imprisonment in the Phantom zone and his escape.

  5. MichaelLachmanWrites
    MichaelLachmanWrites at |

    What about the World’s Finest miniseries by Gates? Where does it take place? It’s mentioned later in the Supergirl comics (in the New Krypton aftermath issues, I think).

  6. Pocok
    Pocok at |

    And what about Superman 701-714 ending issues? Are they after or before Reign of Doomsday?


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