ComicBinding.com is a website that was poked and prodded into existence after listening to the Comic Geek Speak crew continually talk about binding comics on their podcast.

A small community interested in binding developed at The Comic Forums. I was inspired by their posts, along with posts of an existing community at the Marvel Masterworks Fan Site. Binding looked like a great option to not only display your collection, but to make it readable once again.

The one complaint many users of both forums had was the inability to easily find information on binding their comics. Maps (binding orders) quickly disappeared into the depths of the forum. Images and examples of bound volumes were seen once and never looked at again. Fourm posts were often many replies long and useful information quickly got buried and lost.

I thought a resource for binding would make a great website. So I enlisted the help of two forum members (Nacho and Corwin) and began working on ComicBinding.com. They provided the binding knowledge and I provided a place to display it.

Anyone can browse the site, read the maps and comment or rate the posts and images.

However, if you register (which is free) you can do a whole lot more. You can:

  • Upload Your Photos
  • Create and Share Maps
  • Create Posts Showcasing Your Binds
  • Upload and Share Artwork (Covers, Templates, Table of Contents)
  • Download Shared Artwork
  • Save Your Favorite Posts (easy for future reference when planning your next binding project)

Look around and enjoy the site. We’ll be adding new things all the time and we hope you will too.

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