Create a Post

Almost everything on is a Post. Selecting different options will determine how they look, but the basics are the same. Watch the video below (or read the post at to learn the basics of creating a new post:

When creating your post, select the appropriate category.
  • Blog – General post category. If you’re not sure, put it here. Share info, an image or anything else.
  • Gallery – Show off your newest binds or your favorite binds with multiple images. View the Gallery tutorial to learn how.
  • Mapping – the most important info on the site – what order to put the comics in before you have them bound. Share your maps with the community and look for maps for your upcoming project.
  • Art – Use this to share large files and art for binding. Perfect for covers, table of contents and dust jackets. Be sure to read the Sharing Files page before creating this type of post.
  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the site and about binding in general. Feel free to add to these sections, but keep the questions specific and the answers short.

Important Note - Please read the FAQ on Post Status – Pending or Draft at – This determines if your post is ready for the public to see or if it’s a work in progress for your eyes only.

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