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  1. Corwin
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    One of my all time favorite series. The first two volumes of this series (and Deadpool) were my very first binds.

    I’ll look over my mapping to see if there is anything I can share.

  2. bornsleepy
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    Here’s my attempt at slimming this down into 4 volumes. For the purposes of my count i’ve tended to include annuals as 2 issues worth)

    Volume 1: Lobdell/Bachalo Part 1 (c.27 issues)

    Phalanx Covenant:
    Uncanny 316
    X-Men 36
    Uncanny 317
    X-Men 37

    Uncanny 318 (“Moving Day”) (Generation X prelude)
    Generation X 1–4
    Generation Next 1–4 (Age of Apocalypse)
    Generation X 5–9
    Generation X Annual ’95 (Mondo joins the school)
    Generation X 10–16
    Generation X Collector’s Preview

    Volume 2: Lobdell/Bachalo Part 2 (c.25 issues)

    Generation X: Overstreet Fan Edition (from X-Men: Rarities TPB)
    Generation X 17–21
    Generation X Annual ’96
    Generation X 22–28
    Generation X -1
    Generation X 29–32 (32 is mark buckingham so closes up the bachalo/ bucky involvement in the title)

    Extras: (these were all published towards the end of this Lobdell era so makes sense to me to include them as extras at the end of vol 2)

    Generation X Underground Special May 1998
    X-Men Unlimited 30 (“Banshee’s Angels” — Underground Special sequel, and in full color!)
    Gen 13/Generation X July 1997
    Generation X/Gen 13 (sequel to the prior)
    Generation Hex (Amalgam) June 1997

    Volume 3: Hama/Dodson (25 issues)

    Generation X Annual ’97
    Generation X 33–41 (33 is first Hama issue, Dec 97)
    Generation X ½ (I dont have this and don’t think it’s essential so won’t actually include in my bind)
    Generation X 42–47
    Generation X Annual ’98
    Generation X Holiday Special
    Generation X 48–50
    X-Man 50

    (this breaks up the Faerber run, only 4 issues – but otherwise it would make this volume smaller and the next one bigger)

    Volume 4: Faerber/Dodson continued & Ellis/Wood/Pugh (27 issues)

    Generation X 51–58
    Generation X Annual ’99
    Generation X 59–62
    Generation X 63–75

    any comments let me know

  3. Phillies64
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    I’m prepping my Gen X bind. This map is pretty spot on. I added a few things. X-Men Unlimited 20 is a Gen X centric issue. It could be squeezed in somewhere in the early Hama era. X-Men Unlimited 34 features a story with Jubilee and Skin taking place after the series ended. Along those lines, I’m also including Brian K. Vaughn’s Chamber mini series. Gen X ended with Jubilee and Skin heading to the west coast, and Chamber joining the X-Men. These issues sort of fit as an epilogue.

  4. Michael Wagner
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    Do the non collector edition new stand versions of the Phalanx Covenant have same paper stock?

    1. bluedevil2002
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      Yes, and that is what the note in the middle of volume 1 indicates.


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