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    These issues are printed on pretty thick paper. Do you think the binderies (library binding in particular) will have problems with the paper thickness?

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      I’m not crazy about this design for some reosan, think it’s mostly because of the yellow kind of looks like somethings clamped to his back. Also the red hip sections get lost in the cape on the right side and if the cape wasn’t blowing in the wind I think it’ll make for a strange looking body shape. It’s like most artist start off my asking How can I get rid if the red trunks but still have red there. We’ve seen every thing from red belts to weird shapes on the hips or groin area. The red undies work best, besides I never thought as the red trunks as a separate piece over leggings, rather just a different color of the pants all stitched together.Fantastically drawn though, and the cape is the perfect length

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    Hi Crystal!I’ve not had any problems with my lelabs holding up, although on the first wash they do tend to lighten slightly. You do need to make sure to use only very dark colors for text, for the best results. Also, be sure that any pictures are actually darker than what you’d normally print them. I have found that the best pictures are ones that have a fairly dark background (not light or white), with plenty of shadow detail. In other words, don’t use pictures that are taken with the face in full sun. They’ll look washed out. Pictures will lighten about 50% when printed on fabric. Use only white or very light muslin fabric for your lelabs for the best results. I find that Kona cotton in white or natural works best for me. I like the tight weave, and it tends to hold color better.Also, I almost always make two copies of my label, and wash one. I’ll set it in Bubble Jet Set Rinse (be sure to use this or the dye won’t set!), and let it sit for a day or two, then wash it. If the label washes up okay, it goes on the quilt. It’s well worth the little waste of fabric and ink to be sure the ink set correctly, although I’ve never had one wash out yet.If you’re unsure of whether or not you want to use Bubble Jet Set, I suggest you make several different lelabs and wash them several times. If you like the result, then you can go on to use it. One thing I really like about the BJS is that the bottle lasts a LONG time, as once you’ve soaked your fabric in it, you can pour the leftover back into the bottle and re-use it again and again. I think I buy a bottle few years. It does a LOT of fabric!If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact me. I’ve used it for quite a while, so I’ve learned a lot about preparing and printing fabric with BJS. I’d be happy to help you out!Thanks for your comment, and for visiting our site!


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