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  1. jasond
    jasond at |

    Whoa! What a massive undertaking. This is making me re-think about binding Superman, especially since I don’t have very much of this stuff. I think I’ll let it sit on the back burner for awhile.

  2. McQueen5150
    McQueen5150 at |

    Have you thought to include any of the spin off minis from this era?

  3. McQueen5150
    McQueen5150 at |

    I agree with the year one book idea. I am making this my next project, and probably the most ambitious bind I will ever do.
    Also check out Booster Gold Vol.1 6-7. It’s a pretty interesting Superman appearance, because it’s basically the first post crisis Superman story. Also Jurgens first work on Superman.
    I am also going to work in some of the Legion in the 20th Century stuff from around the time of Final Night and Showcase stories for characters I really liked.

  4. Dan
    Dan at |

    I was just wondering where you would put the JLA issues in Superman continuity if you were to include them. I’m not suggesting that you do for binding purposes, but I keep mine in comic drawer boxes in continuity order (as much as possible) and I’m trying to figure out how to mix in the first 23 issues of JLA (my collection stops at the end of 98).

  5. zachary77
    zachary77 at |

    Thanks for the great info. I just finished my combine.

    1. Derek Cleveland
      Derek Cleveland at |

      You mentioned you bound a title called “Superman From the Ages”. What is in that?


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