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  1. Syslops
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    Don’t forget Holy Terror was originally supposed to be in the DKR universe.

  2. Spencer Welch II
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    You may want to include appearances by the denizens of Earth-31 in other DC books:
    Batman (v3) 50/Batman: Akham Knight Annual 1/Dark Nights: Metal 6/’Tec 853 /Fanboy 5/Justice Society of America (v3) 5/’Mazing Man 12 with its Miller drawn DKR cover/Man of Steel 37 (The Zero Hour tie-in)/Planetary/The Batman: Night on Earth/Superman and Batman: World’s Funniest/Superman/Batman 25

    Man of Steel 37 (The Zero Hour tie-in)

    Robin (Carrie Kelly)
    ‘Mazing Man 12 with its Miller drawn DKR cover/Superman and Batman: World’s Funniest

    Action Comics 1000/Countdown: Arena 1/2/3/4/Superman and Batman: World’s Funniest


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