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    I would like to add my two cents to this map for the possible benefit of any future Question binders: I did my three volume bind almost exactly the same as Aziz. In fact, my, V1 & V2 are in fact the same. For V3, what I think is significant are the things we both chose to leave out, namely, the L.A.W. and Brave and Bold minis. I presume we had the same reason: they kinda sucked. We both left out the little more than cameo appearance in Azrael 10, and I don’t remember why I dropped Steel. As for differences: I included the Azrael Plus story, which was decent and true to the character, and the Showcase 95 short story, which filled in a bit of history. I am looking forward to filling in a fourth and fifth volume as the character continues in the Montoya era, so thanks for putting out that map.


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