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  1. squidina
    squidina at |

    I’d also consider including the backup pages from the annuals. I think this is the complete list of them:

    Action Comics Annual 2
    Batman Annual 13
    Blackhawk Annual 1
    Detective Comics Annual 2
    Dr. Fate Annual 1
    Flash Annual 3
    Green Arrow Annual 2
    Justice League International Annual 3
    New Titans Annual 5
    Question Annual 2
    Secret Origins Annual 3
    Wonder Woman Annual 2

  2. jmbarnes101
    jmbarnes101 at |

    I’m doing a 2-volume set but not including the annual backups

    Volume 1
    Who’s Who 1-26 (it’ll be big)

    Volume 2
    Who’s Who Update ’87 1-5
    Who’s Who Update ’88 1-4
    Who’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes 1-7
    Who’s Who in Star Trek 1-2 (depends upon whether I have issue 2 by the time I’m ready to bind this)


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