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    This was a crossover that gave me the fits. I had a little bit of a different order and I didn’t include the X-Force issues and only included an excerpt of Gen X (where Jubilee escapes). The problem was balancing a lot of things. I used Bastion’s movements to plot the timeline. He bounced around flying back and forth quite a bit. The only part that is a little unnerving is the timeline in the Wolverine segment. O:ZT takes place over one night in every other book but that one, which has two evenings take place in the book.

    Generation X 27
    X-Men 65
    Uncanny X-Men 346
    X-Men 66 (Still on East Coast, talks to Xavier through a hologram)
    Wolverine 115 (Says prep a jet, arrives in Cable)
    Cable 45-47
    X-Men 67
    Wolverine 116
    X-Men 68
    Generation X Excerpts from 30&31
    Wolverine 117
    X-Men 69
    Wolverine 118
    X-Men 70


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