Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099

Overall, a straightforward series, but there’s a few areas that are debatable, depending on the reader/binder’s preferences.

Volume 1
Spider-Man 2099 1-16
Ravage 2099 15
X-Men 2099 5
Doom 2099 14
Punisher 2099 13
Spider-Man 2099 17-20, 22-23
Spider-Man 2099 Annual 1
Spider-Man 2099 24-26

Volume 2
Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man
Spider-Man 2099 27-44
“Young Miguel” backup stories

-Unlike in X-Men 2099, where i just included the X-Men and Doom issues, I put all of the Fall of the Hammer crossover in.  Spidey was in enough of each part of it to make it necessary to make a coherent story, and it ties into the surrounding issues more than any other 2099 series.  Also, if I didn’t include the entire storyline here, where would I?  No other character shows up enough in each part to justify including the entire story.  Plus, I have no interest in complete series binds of Ravage or Punisher.  For Doom 2099, I’ll be putting a volume break around the story.

-Issue #21 was a fill in, plus #22 continues directly from #20. 

-I cut out any stories not written by PAD in the annual and #25. 

-I moved all of the “Young Miguel” stories to the end of volume 2 to try and help balance out the volume sizes.

-There are a few places where the Spidey/S-Man 2099 special are debated to be.  Most people place it between #26-27, although PAD has recently stated that it goes back around #10-11 (although that doesn’t really fit as well).  Since #26-27 was the only halfway decent breakpoint, and the special’s opening scene parallels the opening of #1, I opted to start volume 2 with that book.

-There’s no need to include anything extra for One Nation Under Doom.  S-Man doesn’t really tie in that directly, and sort of has his own storyline going continuously.

-I put #45-46 (the non PAD issues) in the 2099:  World of Tomorrow book.   #44 ends with a semi-decent walking into the sunset moment.  Not perfect, but a better ending than #46.

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  1. This is a very good mapping job. It’s much appreciated. I’m currently working on Spidey 2099 myself. I’m also doing a lot of what you have above.

    Thanks for the info about 21, I had no idea it was a filler issue and doesn’t effect the overall story.

    I had read that Spidey/Spidey 2099 actually went after issue 41, but I’m going to add it before 26. Like you said, it’s a good equaling out of volumes.

    I added all the Young Miguel stories in the back of Vol 2 too. I removed all letters pages and back covers. It cut down on the thickness. And finally I’m binding the variants of 36 and 38 as splash pages.

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