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    Rather than make a new post, I’ll put my map here for comparison, since it’s really not that drastically different. I was going for a one volume version, but not so far as to only include the Morrison material.

    I know that JLA #21 probably should go before DCU #0, but I wasn’t as concerned about strict chronological order with this one, especially since Morrison wasn’t.

    DC Universe #0
    JLA #21
    Final Crisis #1
    Final Crisis: Requiem
    Final Crisis #2-3
    Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #1-2
    Final Crisis Secret Files
    Final Crisis: Resist
    Final Crisis: Submit
    Final Crisis #4-5
    Batman #682-683
    Final Crisis #6-7
    Final Crisis #1 Director’s Cut

    Technically, the Batman issues should go before #5, but I deferred to Morrison’s reading order. Figuring out Resist and Submit were the hardest — actually more Resist.

    Originally I was planning on doing this in two volumes, with an interlude volume of Revelations, Rogue’s Revenge, and Secret Files (I was going to put Legion of 3 Worlds separate to go along with my Legion collection). The break point would have been after Superman Beyond #2.

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    The Director’s Cut has the original black and white art for #1. No colors, no text, just the pencils and inks. Then, it has the script to #1, and finally commentary on issue #1 by Grant Morrison and JG Jones. Really, the entire book is extras. It’s not like Marvel’s “Director’s Cuts” where it’s the issue printed in full, and then a few other supplemental items.

    In this case, I appreciated DC for doing it this way, because it didn’t feel like wasting $5 on an issue I had purchased three months prior and only getting 50 cents worth of new material.

    As for issue placement, Batman issues included, I carefully scrutinized the series for a long time before binding, and read a lot of message board postings. Normally I’m a stickler for strict chronology, but this time, I was more concerned with the narrative flow. And I want to say that technically, the Batman issues take place during #5, because there’s a scene with Darkseid’s minions early on in the issue that seems like it would take place before the Batman story.


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